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Hi, my name is Carol Slonemsky, owner of AUNTIE CAROL'S PET SITTING. As a child growing up in New Jersey, I was always passionate about animals. I learned to respect and love them at a very early age when my mother would teach me how to take care of feral cats so they didn't go without food or shelter. I did volunteer dog walking for my neighbors. My first pet-baby was a little turtle that I cared for and loved 5 years until she passed away. At my young age of 8 I knew this precious pet-baby needed a resting place, so I placed her in a shoe box, put her into the earth and said goodbye; thanking her for having me in her life.

After that, our home was always filled with pet-babies; cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, birds. That tradition never stopped . As an adult, I have always shared my home with many pet-babies. My biggest pet-baby was "Chief, a Quarter/Arabian horse I adopted and nurtured for 8 years. He was previously abused by his owner and with all my love, care and patience, Chief became a very mellow, happy pet-baby!!!!!!! His reward was being put out to pasture as the mascot for 2 ponies where he lived out his life in luxury. (By the way, at 1,000 lbs. he didn't live in my home!!). I did volunteer work for local shelters as well as contribute money and pet items.

My desire to care for animals in some way, shape or fashion has always been my dream. Last year I moved to Ponte Vedra Beach (to assist my sister who has multiple-sclerosis), and that dream has become a reality. After 35 years in corporate America, I made the life-changing decision to launch Auntie Carol's Pet Sitting.

Now, I can share my love, respect and passion with your pets by giving them the very best "love and care in the comfort of their home". You will be glad you called AUNTIE CAROL'S PET SITTING to be the personal pet-sitter for your pet-babies.You have my guarantee that they will be treated as if they were my very own. In-home pet care is the kennel alternative and preference of every pet-baby I know!

Auntie Carol's Pet Sitting LLC
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Servicing Ponte Vedra Beach, parts of Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach,
Atlantic Beach, Vilano Beach,Palm Valley, Nocatee and SR 210 East.
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